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The wheel of torture: a poem.

A poem for all the Chargers fans out there, now reduced to watching Wheel of Fortune.


I'd given up Jeremy Piven on Lifetime
To watch Drew Brees in that other game show without lifelines.
So feeling a little quirked, I sat down to see
If he was as good as I thought, they would be history...?

Jeff Garcia knew the answer a little too late
The solution went to Drew, perhaps a twist of fate
He and his partner won, went to the next challenge
Such good guessing the answer was almost at an end

Since there were like no letters left, they won that too
Became supreme champions for this day, this woman and Drew
I sat at home, stopped thinking of Jeremy Piven,
Thought, "What the heck, not a bad form of living"

Because we may not be in the Super Bowl this year,
But Drew Brees' performance kicked Shaun Alexander's rear.
And for Chargers fans who are just proud to see it,
It's some kind of success and happiness, and that's the real treat.
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